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Improve Your  English

Build confidence and become a stronger communicator.

Students complete public speaking projects. Plus listen and discuss class topics with their camp mates. 


Students have conversations with each other and Camp Leaders all day, in English!

ESL students focus on real-world, speaking exercises and activities.

Become Independent

Travel and see the world without parents.

(but with adults of course!) 

This is a great way for teens to grow. They get to become independent and self-reliant young adults.

Learn how to navigate around new places and make decisions for yourself.

Experience a new culture!

Discover the unique life and culture of Singapore.


Try new foods and make new friends. 


Learn the history of South East Asia. Discover the metropolitan lifestyle of this ultra-modern city of the future!

Learn Science & Technology

Camp activities and excursions focus on how technology is changing our world.


Students work on projects to develop their knowledge of engineering, city planning, environmental protection and robotics.