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학생들을위한 ESL 어드바이스

Learning in a Team vs. Studying Alone

Between 50-75% of the human population are extroverts. This means that they get energy from being surrounded by others. Extroverts have an interest in other people and are social. Plus they are concerned with external realities and the world around them.

However, often in traditional classrooms, students are expected to work alone.  Students must read books alone...

How to learn without textbooks and a teacher?

All students, especially teenagers, have a lot of homework! They spend a lot of time studying. So how is it possible to push teenagers to continue studying English?  How can they work on their language skills outside of the classroom?Here are some creative ways to fit in learning English at home, without having to have your nose in a book every night...

Public Speaking Tips - 1, 2, 3!

Are you nervous every time you need to present in front of your class? Does speaking to an audience make your heart beat fast? Here are 3 tips to make giving a speech or presentation more enjoyable for you and your audience: 1) Practice doing your presentation in front of a smaller class At Four Seasons English Camps, we prepare our students …

Word of the Day: Outgoing

What makes a great candidate for a job?  When you apply to jobs after graduation, the hiring manager is going to want to know: can you can adapt to different situations?  Can you take on bigger projects?  Can you communicate well? ...

Word of the Day: Awesome!

자신있게 영어로 말하기 위해서는 속어와 비공식적 인 구절을 알아야합니다. 뿐만 아니라 영어 문법.

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청소년들에게 필요한 대인 관계 기술 2 가지

학교와 직장에서 가장 큰 성공을 거둔 사람들은 최고 성적을 가진 사람들이 아닙니다. 훌륭한 리더십과 대인 관계 기술을 완벽하게 보여주는 팀 구성원이 성공을 거두게 됩니다. 이런 "all-stars"팀은 훌륭한 평판을 얻게되고 함께 일하는 것이 하나의 즐거움일 입니다...